Interview with Onielar (Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, D.N.S.)

Your 6th full album, Mardom came out this April. What about the feedback, how satisfied you are?
Unfortunately it took us a very long time to release this album. It has been a time period full of obstacles, a strength-sapping time which nevertheless brought forth a very satisfying album. I haven’t even had the time to ponder about the feedback we have received. With delight we realize that many, many followers of D.N.S. share our satisfaction and enthusiasm concerning Mardom.

You are active in music since decades. How you got interested in metal music?
Music is a world of its own, a possibility to express emotions and personal thoughts. The genre of metal has many facets, several in which I find myself at home. That’s where I have found myself, where I was able to channel and express my energies.

Have you ever learnt playing guitar, or that’s a self-development thing?
There were a few lessons I merely took in the very beginning. It is not theory which guides me, it has always been a feeling for me within music. Therefore, it is a self-developed thing which happens intuitively.

Who is / are responsible for writing music and lyrics within DNS? Are you doing everything together, or there are dedicated people working on given tasks?
Every member is capable and allowed to contribute new material, but it is certainly the entire band which gives the final blessing to any song. It doesn’t really matter to us who has composed which song or contributed lyrics. Each member of the Cult has a role to fulfill, this is done without envy or any thirst for fame and fortune.

Where your personal inspiration is coming from? Are any kind of bands influencing you musically?
Our devotion for this type of music and all that is embedded within is what doesn’t allow us to rest. We are drawing inspiration from several sources. Basically, anything which we are concerning with on a personal level. Primarily this is related to occult content, and this content carries our music. Without a certain feeling, there is no step towards a song for me personally.

Are there any non-metal genres or bands you would say influenced your musical taste? Do you listen to any non-metal music?
Oh, there are numerous genres which I absolutely enjoy. My taste in music definitely doesn’t end with metal. The bandwidth encompasses neo folk and dark electro all the way to 80’s pop and rock. However always in favor of profound and hand-made music.

Do you have your own family? Touring and studio work is extreme time consuming, so how the family does like it?
In case you are referring to the classical meaning of family as in having kids, no, that’s nothing for me. Music as well as the band members is what comes closest to family. Whenever we are on the road, we merely have to find someone taking care of our domesticated beast as well as it’s territory. My personal believes and attitude is too far away from having an offspring. I don’t want to take the responsibility for introducing another being into this broken world. Those having children are acting instinct driven, but rational thinking leads me to deliberately relinquish, and it leads me to not propagate mankind. There are enough other things in life which we can concerns ourselves with, and so much more we can take responsibility for. In general, I completely agree with Schopenhauer who said: ‘Men are the devils of the earth, and the animals are its tormented souls’, and these are the souls worth to be saved.

I was just wondering what do you think about the role of religion / church in your life, and about their role in your country, as black metal is often said to have a criticism against church and religion.
I have been raised as a catholic, and I have gotten to know arch-Catholic and Christian as well as Church in general with their partially fanatic followers. Due to this, I can deliberately say that I knowingly moved into opposition of a dogmatized, religious worldview. I was born in Poland, a country in which the Church plays a superior role in the lives of people. I am relieved to live in Germany, where the church along with Christianity is not so obtruding. My life is focused on the occult, dark, melancholic and nature related things.

Do you plan touring Mardom in Europe? Can Hungarian D.N.S. fans expect to see you guys here on stage?
There are reasons why D.N.S. is not a touring band, and that’s the way it has been in the past and that’s how it stays even with such a strong album as Mardom. The band has been all over Europe for single shows, so, sooner or later we’ll certainly also head over to Hungary.

What does the music, and what does black death metal mean to you?
It is the very essence, the most substantial form of setting emotions to a tune. It is something I certainly don’t want to miss. Black metal is an intense interpretation to break with religious taboos in order to manifest occult thoughts.

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