“We might have a few surprises for the Rockmaraton show” – Interview with Martin Hamiche (Aephanemer)

The French melodic death metallers Aephanemer are finally coming to the eastern parts of Europe, visiting the Rockmaraton Festival in Hungary and the Celtic Transilvania in Romania among others. Since our previous interview, which you can read here, the band completed their Canadian tour after signing to Napalm Records, so Metal.hu had a lot to ask from the head and guitarist of the band, Martin Hamiche.


Hello, how’s it going for you guys?

Very fine thank you!

Your latest album is now re-released via a huge label. How come?

We got amazing feedback on our last album Prokopton when we released it ourselves in March, and I believe Napalm Records saw it! We sent them our album in 2018 but didn’t get an answer, I believe they needed more evidence that our band could work. Fortunately, they observed us and came back to sign us last summer!

Almost at the same time, you started touring with Alestorm…

Yes, and that is actually totally unrelated to Napalm Records! Kristof Hartmann, who is Alestorm‘s booker in Europe heard about us as well and contacted us to see if we would be interested to join his roster. He didn’t know that Napalm Records contacted us a few days before, which is funny because Alestorm are at Napalm Records as well! So everybody contacted us at the same time and it was pretty cool. 🙂

And now you even got to Canada. How was the tour, how was the feedback?

Great tour, great feedback from the audience there. We got a lot of new fans and made some money as well, which is not that common for a support band! Canadian people are awesome, very kind and supportive. We could meet some of our followers that we know for years and it was a huge pleasure! This tour is clearly a big success for us and we are very happy about it.

How many people knew you and did you seem to have made new fans?

This is difficult to have precise numbers, but I remember that before the tour we had around 200 fans from Canada following us on Facebook, and we now have 1800 which is an insane growth! We now almost have more fans in Canada than in our own country!

It must be interesting to play in French Canadian towns as French speakers…

Indeed, and people were very happy to hear us speaking in French in Montreal, Quebec, but also Moncton and Halifax! It helped us to connect even more to the audience which is always great. 🙂

Why are you searching for a keyboard player and how is that process going?

We are mainly looking for a keyboard player to improve our shows, we think it will be much better to be 5 members on stage instead of 4 members and samples. We postponed this decision for a long time because we were only playing in small venues where we don’t have much room on stage and we didn’t have a vehicle with many seats, so it was much more complicated to have 5 members. But now we are playing in bigger venues and we are getting our own van right now so these problems are solved!

Are ideas or arrangements already born for the new material?

Sure! I began working on new songs a few weeks ago. I write all the music alone and I am a slow writer, so I need more time than most bands to write an album. For me, writing songs is clearly much more difficult than any other task related to the band. Promotion, management and even practicing guitar are rather easy tasks, if you understand how it works and put hours into it then you get predictable results. But the laws of physics don’t apply to songwriting. I sometimes can’t find anything interesting for days or weeks, and then an epic melody comes to my mind while I’m doing the dishes! And when I find something good, it’s clearly the best feeling ever!

Have you ever thought about working with a producer?

No, I believe producers can help a band to reinvigorate or reinforce its music after many years but it is not our situation. We are still in the first stage where we are slowly finding our own sound.

Which songs do you think work best live for you?

Path of the Wolf, Bloodline, Snowblind, The Sovereign, Unstoppable.

How will your summer look like?

We have a few festivals incoming – Rockmaraton and Celtic Transilvania have already been announced. When not doing shows, I will probably be alternating between intense joy and intense despair while writing new songs.

What can we expect from the show at Rockmaraton?

You can totally expect us to come up on stage and play our songs. We may headbang as well, and move from one side of the stage to the other side several times per song. And we might also have a few surprises that we don’t want to spoil! 🙂

Have you heard about this festival before and what do you know about Hungary and this particular fest? Do you know Hungarian bands?

Yes, we heard about it, if I’m not wrong it is the biggest metal festival in Hungary! Many huge bands played there and the whole festival looks amazing! We can’t wait to be there, finally play in your country and meet you all. We know Dalriada, who are playing there as well!

Thank you very much!

Thank you much for this interview and see you in a few months at RockMaraton!


By: Vica

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