Interview with the Estonian melodic black metal band Pime!

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Pime is one of those bands you cannot just walk past without giving them a good listen if you like any kind melodic but deep music – not necessarily just black metal! Pime was formed at the beginning of the 2000s and has published a demo (rerecorded this year!), Avanemine, and an EP, Akivasha. While they are working on their first LP, we asked the band some questions to get them to know a bit better.

When and inspired by what (non-musically speaking) was the thought of Pime born?

Vinc: In 2001 due to the cataclysmic events in Vincent’s life and the mixture of 2nd wave of black metal. But inspired by the dark winter nights of Estonia and the beauty of our local landscape. I would also add that a lot of inspiration comes from within. As I feel in the beginning and also a lot today. Pime represents the mental and spiritual development of the true Ego and that this time we have in life is a journey and an opportunity to become a “God/Devil” and therefore immortally remembered. Also, it is inspiring for me to try to do something new on each track and album. So, if I see or feel the “new” song sounds the same as the “old” one I scrap it and/or recycle it.

Enfallen: On every hand rose the grim relics of another, forgotten age: huge broken pillars, thrusting up their jagged pinnacles into the sky; long wavering lines of crumbling walls; fallen cyclopean blocks of stone; shattered images, whose horrific features the corroding winds and dust-storms had half erased. From horizon to horizon no sign of life: only the sheer breathtaking sweep of the naked desert, bisected by the wandering line of a long-dry river course; in the midst of that vastness the glimmering fangs of the ruins, the columns standing up like broken masts of sunken ships – all dominated by the towering ivory dome before which Vincent stood trembling. A simple caress of the wind whispered in his ear: let’s start a band. – circa 2001



What are the musical inspirations?

Vinc: Burzum, Taake, Enslaved, Immortal, Chopin, Emperor, Nile, Death, Cannibal Corpse, Leviathan, Queen, Ruja, Riho Sibul – to name a few.

Enfallen: Burzum, Mgla, Enslaved, Mayhem, Carpathian Forest, Gorgoroth

Kõdu: Taake, Burzum, Judas Iscariot, Deathspell Omega, Death, Dismember… too many to list here

Would it be correct to label Pime as belonging to the 3rd wave of black metal? Is categorising this subgenre by dividing it into 3 waves correct in your point of view?

Vinc: To be honest we’ve been called many things and don’t know what to call ourselves. We just do Pime and are content with it.

Enfallen: Music is music. Let the historians do the classification, or whatever.

Kõdu: I don’t really concern myself labeling bands in this fashion. Music is music to me.

What can you tell us about the lyrical themes on Akivasha, there seem to be quite a few inspiration sources.

Vinc: On Akivasha and same on Avanemine we link our lyrical themes to things that excite and speak to us. Robert E. Howard and Lovecraft myths, Tolkien were crucial when growing up for me so I draw it from there. But on the next album we will concentrate on a new theme that we slightly touched upon on Akivasha album.

Pime stands out with its highly melodic arrangements, was this the concept from the start?

Vinc: I just do what comes from my hands and heart – it happens to be melodic.

Enfallen: Yes, thanks for asking.


Does there seem to be a musical progression from Avanemine and Akivasha, and how will it further evolve (if at all) for the coming album that we can expect around the winter?

Vinc: Absolutely. I feel like the songs on Avanemine are more rough but original, not that Akivasha’s are not. Akivasha is more mature and refined and the next will be even better judging from the material we already have. Yes, we just released this, but we already working on the next – no rest for the wicked.

Enfallen: *crickets*

Kõdu: To me, Avanemine stands out for the complexity and roughness of the songs. Akivasha is definitely more matured songwriting wise.

Are long summer nights or neverending winter darkness a better inspiration for black metal?

Vinc: For me all seasons leave a mark on my music writing.

Enfallen: For me inspiration comes from within. Surely environment plays its part.

Kõdu: The seasons are definitely an inspiration for music and lyrics. Whether it will be about neverending darkness and cold of the winter, the color of autumn, the re-awakening in the spring or the joy of summer.

How stable is your current lineup?

Vinc: Seems the most solid so far. Though we are looking for a second guitarist or bassist.

Enfallen: On a scale from 1-10 I’d say 11.

Kõdu: I joined the latest, in 2020.

Do you think metal scenes in such small countries as Estonia are more tight-knit and helping each other, collaborative than in bigger countries? Or “small countriness” has no effect on this?

Vinc: It’s harder to push out from the local scene but I feel we have somehow finally got to set our foot into other countries. But the local scene is mostly supportive and co-productive helping each other when possible.

Kõdu: I would agree that the local scene is holding together regardless of city or specific area.

Anything else you feel like sharing with Hungarian readers?

Vinc: Stay classy Hungarian brethren and welcome to the Cult of Pime.

By: Vica

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